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Namu Kenyérszeletelő Kés

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Bread Knife: the long, serrated blade can easily cut through all kinds of pastry

  • Best for slicing all kinds of breads, shaping cakes for decorating, or any food with a hard exterior and soft interior such as tomatoes or pastry desserts.
  • Knife type: Bread Knife
  • Blade material: VG-10 Japanese Steel core
  • Blade type: 67 layers of forged Damascus steel
  • Blade length: 20.2 cm
  • Handle material: fiberglass-based epoxy resin
  • Handle length: 13.5 cm

Knife dimensions:

  • Height: 2.8 cm
  • Length: 33.7 cm
  • Wide: 2.2 cm
  • Weight: 210 g

 bread knife measurements

EAN: 1369674511134



A bread knife is a kitchen staple because, despite its name, it can perform a wide variety of tasks. The key is its serrated edge. Unlike a chef’s knife or utility knife with their smooth, straight edges, a bread knife features toothy, saw-like scallops or serrations along its cutting edge. These act just like a saw, slicing through food as you move the knife back and forth, rather than using downward pressure. This gives a bread knife some distinct advantages when it comes to cutting certain types of food – especially bread since it’s designed to slice right through crusty loaves without crushing the soft center. It is also the perfect tool when we want to take the rind off a melon, pineapple, pumpkin or squash, we slice off the top and bottom and then use a serrated knife to shave away the outer rind before cutting it into pieces.

 A Namu kenyérkés jellemzői


Because it has to endure frequent use, our knives come with a full tang - the length of the blade extends to the whole length and width of the knife handle. This ensures better stability and durability than a partial tang.

Our fiberglass-based epoxy resin handle is rounded to perfection, following the natural dimensions of your hand. We incorporated a curve in the middle of the handle to make contact with the center of your palm letting you have a good grip. This means that it is significantly more comfortable to hold the knife and easier to work with. For visual appeal we sealed the elegant navy honeycomb-pattern handle with two silver rings.
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Godt tilfreds med den valgte brødkniv, ligger godt i hånden og skærer fint

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